Why Hollywood will soon disappear

Hollywood is finally starting to die. And it’s about bloody time! The rest of the world wants a piece of the action. And by action, we mean video-market. And by video market, we mean $$$. Everyone assumes that all great blockbusters come from Hollywood. Of course this was absolutely true ten years ago, and true still most of the time today (Inception, Avatar, etc). But where are we headed? The lines between big-budget films and amateur movies are blurring. Here’s why…

Cameras anyone?

Video equipment is getting cheaper. As technology gets better and HD-5k sensors are now easy to produce, the price of HD cameras has plummeted. This means that amateur producers can film in ‘theater quality’ and, with a creative plot, make a blockbuster. For example, the Paranormal Activity series. The first of four films had a budget of $15,000 and grossed over 196 million dollars worldwide.

Some of my favorite movies, their budget, and profit:

Napoleon Dynamite
Budget: $400,000
Profit: Over 50 million

Little Miss Sunshine
Budget: 8 million
Profit: 100 million

District 9
Budget: 30 million
Profit: 115 million

Another Earth
Budget: $200,000
Profit: 1.7 million

Budget: 30 million
Profit: 80 million

Real or fake?

In addition to the growing accessibility of equipment, CGI work is becoming easier. Video software companies such as Adobe and Maxon have come a long way in making their programs easy to understand. CGI now gives everyone what use to cost Hollywood hundreds of millions of dollras.

Actors are everywhere!

And what about acting? There are more actors today than there ever were. And let’s not forget the vast amount of free resources available online for aspiring actors to become better.

So thank you, Hollywood, for setting the bar so high. But now its time to move on, into a new era of film-making, that includes all aspiring artists, rich or poor, skinny or fat, in Hollywood or not. The new requirement for making a good film: talent and hard work. No excuses!

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