The Best Actors of All Time

Who are the best actors of all time? Brad Pitt? Will Smith? Jack Nicholson? With hundreds, if not thousands of actors to choose from, narrowing down the top 5 is difficult. However, with our creative minds and judgmental demeanors, we have tapered thousands to five, in this weeks top five!

5) Robert Duvall

the best actors of all timeWith his 1972 appearance as Tom Hagen in The Godfather, Robert became an allstar in the movie industry, winning several awards including an Academy Award for his role of Max Sledge in Tender Mercies. Starting his career in 1956, Robert climbed the social latter and became one of the greatest actors of all time, with movies ranging from Route 66 to the untouchables to Jack Reacher to his newest: The Judge. The man won’t step down! Serving almost 83 years in the movie industry has not phased his excitement to act. He is a true performer, and ranks 5 in this weeks top five.

4) Leonardo DiCaprio

the best actors of all time
Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor whose roles have demonstrated a wide range of dramatic versatility. Jump starting his career in 1997 with his widely recognized role of Jack Dawson in the Titanic, Leo moved on to other films including Gangs of New York and Inception (Both classics of which we recommend). His recent role as Calvin Candie in Django Unchained won him Best Supporting Actor by the National Board of Review. Whether it be his stunning looks or dramatic demeanor, Leonardo DiCaprio took 4th in this weeks top Five.

3) Jack Nicholson

the best actors of all timeJack Nicholson, an American actor, producer, screenwriter and director, is a three-time Academy Award winner and 12-time nominee. That ought to say something about his acting, eh? Beginning his career in 1958 with the Cry Baby Killer, Nicholson has managed to receive Oscar Nods in every decade from the 1960s to the 2000s. Some of his major films include The Shining, The Departed, As Good as it Gets, and Chinatown and other acting gigs including over 75 movies. Convinced yet? This man is good. With his three Academy awards, 12 nominations and 75 films, Jack Nicholson has forced his way to third in this weeks top five.

2) Kevin Spacey

Daniel Day-LewisAs opinionated as one might think, Kevin Spacey will always be on our top list. As enigmatic as he is talented, Spacey’s witty roles and intelligent poise creates the dramatic feel needed in many of his films. Starting his career in 1986 with Heartburn, his resume now covers acting, producing, directing, writing, and more; the most popular of which being the Usual Suspects, 21 and his new show: House of Cards. It is hard to pinpoint what factor differentiates Kevin from the rest. Could it be his overall wit needed to play his unique roles? Or is it his charm that wins over the audience no matter the role? Whatever it be, he has managed to secure his spot of second in this weeks top five. \

1) Daniel Day-Lewis

the best actors of all time
Bill, I mean Lincoln, I mean Daniel is the top actor of all time! Day-Lewis’ diversified roles often make him invisible to the general public and leave him unrecognized; but not to the CreatinFilm crew! His most recent and famous role in Lincoln won him over five awards, including the Academy Award for Best Performance. Being the first actor to win three Oscar Awards for Best Actor, you can infer on why we chose Daniel as the top actor of all time.

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