Man of Steel Review: How Snyder Killed Superman

Man of steel review

Man of Steel Review: How Snyder Killed Superman

One would expect a good movie to be much like a good book, with plot twists and climatic reveals and some is someone else’s father, the stuff of legendary films. Zack Snyder pondered this time-tested and honored tradition and promptly threw it out the window. So many key events and developments are simply dropped into the viewer’s lap, like an unwanted and screaming baby, not yet matured and extremely annoying. For example, instead of a heart-warming and meaningful character struggle that makes Clark Kent a good man, it is LITERALLY Clark doing only good things. Sure he asks his dad “Oh dad why am I so different?” which, although a valid question for a young Kryptonian trapped on Earth, it is so Halmarky that you can practically see the gold tint in the camera. The way that Clark Kent’s childhood is depicted in such a glorious and heroic way that even though Snyder remembered to through in some lines about life’s purpose and personal doubt, that the viewer could walk out of the theater at that moment and know that Superman would win no matter what. “Why?” You ask? Because Snyder made it very clear that the good guy can’t lose as long as he is raised by Kevin Costner in rural Kansas.

So Clark Kent’s impeccable childhood, speckled with flecks of gold and American bad assness, isn’t the only dog that should be put down in this movie. I’m going to completely skip over the Rocky-esque montage of Clark’s early adult life, putting up with bullies and spearing trucks with pine trees, whilst wooing many a woman with his sensitivity, self-restraint, and buffness. The biggest problem when it comes to plot development and climaxes in “Man of Steel” is how Snyder believed that’d we surprised by the Kryptonians who swore to kill Clark Kent coming in halfway through the movie to kill Clark Kent. Spoiler alert. I’m pretty sure anyone who sat through a 1950’s B movie could guess that plot twist and manage to grab their heart medication on the way out.

Sure, Snyder messed up and that’s not cool, but the truly astounding part is how much experience he has in directing films like “300” and “Watchmen” that did extremely well in theaters. Zack Snyder is not ignorant and honestly I adored how he directed “Watchmen”, but in “Man of Steel”, instead of being on the edge my seat, he set my teeth on edge.

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