How to Pirate Films and Get Away With It


Hyman Strachman, a 92 year old WW2 veteran is a master at pirating movies and getting away with it. After his wife passed away in 2004, Strachman began pirating as a hobby and since then has downloaded over 300,000 movies!
The impressive part is not how many he’s downloaded, but what he did with them.


Strachman found that most soldiers wish for entertainment, a way of escaping the brutality of war. When reading this, he decided to give them entertainment… and lots of it. Every film he pirated he sent to a soldier in Afghanistan or Iraq.


The soldiers often respond with gratitude. Above is a picture of a platoon holding up their new entertainment donated by Hyman Strachman. Strachman acknowledges the illegality of his actions but feels that serving the soldiers is more important. His room is lined with American flags and other patriotic elements.


Strachman refuses to receive compensation for his work. All he gets in return are thoughtful letters from soldiers.

So you want to Pirate films and get away with it? The answer is you can’t. But you can try. And no matter if you get away with it or not, make sure it was worth it, just like Hyman Strachman did.

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