How to make a logo

Need to know how to make a logo? Better yet, a logo that will stick in your viewer’s mind? Below you will find five principles of a quality logo and how you can use them to make your branding more efficient.

There are five principles of a ‘quality’ logo:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Versatile
  • Timeless
  • Appropriate

how to make a logo

Keep it Simple but Significant

The first step in how to make a logo is simplicity. Many companies fail because they feel as if they need to incorporate every aspect of their business in to their logo. This is NOT true! Keeping your logo simple makes it memorable and versatile (which is the point of a logo). Notice anything similar about successful business logos? They are all simple yet significant!

how to make a logo

Make it Memorable!

What is the point of a logo? A logo is meant to instill the company’s brand into the viewer’s mind. That way, whenever they see the logo, they will recognize the company. That is why you need to make it unique and memorable. To do this, you can incorporate colors, or abstract elements that will differentiate your logo from the rest. Take a look at the logo below. Can you guess what company it is? The Amazon logo is simple and memorable by its yellow arrow signifying that they sell everything from ‘A’ to ‘Z’.

how to make a logo


Versatility is often overlooked when creating logos; but if it’s not versatile, how will you brand it in location? A logo should look comfortable horizontal and vertical; large and small. To ensure of this, try to keep the length twice as long as the height. To be positive that your logo will look good large and small, design it in a vector format using programs such as AAA Logo or Adobe Illustrator.

Make it timeless

Changing logos is looked down upon because it will reverse any branding that you have done. To ensure that you will not need to change it, make it timeless! Look at your logo and decide if it will still be valid in 10, 20, or 30 years. Here is an example of a company that did not take timelessness into consideration. Although they used the same swoosh in every one, they had to remake the logo several times.

how to make a logo

Is it appropriate?

Make it appropriate! A logo, although simple, should evoke your company to the fullest. A children’s company should use fun colors and/or elements that would appeal to an innocent crowd. The Nike brand seen above illustrates the ‘swoosh’ a player would make, and so on. By saying this, I do not mean that your logo must show what you offer. In fact, 94% of the top 50 brands in the world do not show the purpose of the company. But, the colors and various elements should appeal to the crowd you are seeking. The picture below portrays a logo in which the word is made from a vine. Creative, appropriate and portrays the company.

How to make a logo

A logo following these five principles will brand your company in an appropriate way. Just remember, make it simple but significant, memorable, versatile, timeless and appropriate for your audience! Good luck!

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