Free Missile Smoke Download

In need of missile smoke? Creatingfilm offers a free Missile Smoke pack that will suite any missile or projectile scene. Put these trails behind a rocket to give the full, real experience. To preview a clip, click on it’s gallery image. To download any missile smoke, RIGHT CLICK, and chose SAVE SOURCE AS. Large shout out to our friends over at detonationfilms for the footage. And if you like near-death experiences, please share this page on your blog or website! Thank you!

Free Missile Smoke for Download

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Using the footage in your projects is simple. After downloading:


Import into After Effects. Set the transfer mode depending on if the background is white or black:

WHITE = Multiply

If you are editing in another program, look up “transfer mode” in the help directory. Most programs give you this feature. Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to download the stock footage and change the transfer modes:


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