Explosion Stock Footage Free Downloads

Ohhhh yeah baby. Nothing like explosion stock footage to get a video editor in the mood…. (um, video-editing mood). Please enjoy these completely gorgeous explosion stock footage provided free by our partner in crime, Detonationfilms. To view a clip before downloading, simply click on the desired image. To download, RIGHT CLICK on the image, and choose SAVE SOURCE AS. Please please please share this stock footage page with your film-creating friends. Nothing would make us happier than posting a link to this page on your website or blog. You can also share via social means (facebook, twitter, word of mouth, written letters, creatingfilm parties, huge highway billboards, etc..). Click here to view LOTS MORE free stock footage. Thank you! And enjoy!

Explosion Stock Footage


Want to contribute? Creatingfilm.com is a community of film-creators and video editors. Share the love! If you have any stock footage clips, royalty free music, templates, or downloadables you want to share, send us an email titled “Holy cow, I love you. Let’s be partners for life! Video partners I mean” and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Using the footage in your projects is simple. After downloading:


Import into After Effects. Set the transfer mode depending on if the background is white or black:

WHITE = Multiply

If you are editing in another program, look up “transfer mode” in the help directory. Most programs give you this feature. Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to download the stock footage and change the transfer modes:


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